Hi everyone

Thanks for jumping on here to hear the latest blether from the world of Chris Lewis Jewellery Design. The weather has been far too hot for me but today it’s glorious! Almost too good to go into the workshop but not quite! 😉. I have been designing various new pieces recently, many around the theme of gardening. I am also working on some pieces featuring pearls. I think the pearl needs to make a come back so I’m doing my but to make some pearl pieces.

I am also working on some new workshops for you all to attend. It’s exciting to come

up with new workshops so that you all can make something special for yourself. Watch this space. I will leave you with my tiniest trowel pendant. Enjoy.


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Finally, lockdown is over and we can all meet up with friends and family, carry out all our business face to face and not wear any masks! Really? Well apparently not!! The pandemic has somewhat loosened its grip on us but now the pingdemic is upon us and basically nothing really has changed. Fear prevails throughout the country and even the world. Fear drives hatred and uncertainty and I have never seen such dissent and chaos. It seems to be everywhere you look.

Social Media has gone silent. Very little stirs in the bowels of Facebook. Running a small business is very difficult at the best of times but nowadays its harder than ever. I continue to spend most of my time beavering away in my small workshop, carrying out commissions and designing the next piece. I’m also working on online workshops which I WILL be using very soon. So you won’t have to even leave your home to create a glorious design!

I have so many ideas for the coming weeks and months and will be sharing those with you as soon as I can. I would very much appreciate your comments on my posts, maybe a little share, tell your friends and leave me a review if I have done work for you. All these things help so much and I am so thankful for your continued support and commissions.

Dont forget I also do :

  1. Repairs

  2. Recycling

  3. Upcycling

  4. Renewing

  5. Cleaning and polishing

  6. Enlarging

  7. Cutting rings off fingers if they are too tight

Talk soon


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Have you noticed that the days are slowly lengthening, the weather is warmer and even the snowdrops have burst forth from their earthly bondage. We also have a plan to slowly emerge from our imposed cocoon of self isolation and lockdown and all those words we never thought we would utter let alone live with for a year or so. As I write this, I am aware that so much could change and cause a deviation in our plans. But, with all of that in mind, I am hoping to start booking actual real life workshops, start seeing clients one to one and be able to get back to normal meetings.

I am intending to use the first few workshops for the people who have already booked and paid and then will start working through all the others that are interested. So if you would like to attend one of my workshops in the next year get in touch and let’s book some dates and see what we can come up with. I so look forward to seeing you in real-life!!

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